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Story: Rahul Sharma (John Abraham) is all set to marry girlfriend Nafisa ( Sonal Sehgal) after amassing a huge sum in gambling. Life seems to be on song, until he discovers he has cancer. How does Rahul cope with the threat of death round the corner? Does he crumble and give up or does he manage to rediscover life in what's left of it....

Movie Review: The film may have been lying in limbo for over two years now, but this does not detract from the quality of this small and sensitive film that takes a look at terminal illness in a totally non-filmy fashion. Okay, the theme may be depressing: the big bad C-word and the attendant fears that go with it. But Kukunoor chooses to look at it from the other side of midnight.... From a vantage point where fear and despair are replaced by a life-sustaining desire to wrench out all the beauty from the world before curtain call by a bunch of death row patients.

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